Monday, May 4, 2009

21st Century Skills

As I have continued to include 21st century learning into my curriculum a little more throughout this year, I feel that there is one huge hurdle that I continue to climb over. In order to teach and assess using 21st century learning themes, I must teach them the skill first and then allow them to apply it. For small items this is just fine, but for larger projects or assessments that depend on the efficiency of the student's ability to use 21st century learning can be difficult. I find myself spending more time on the efficiency of a skill and less time on the content it is intended for. I know this will improve as the students increase their learning with these tools; but it is a current frustration for me.

As I look to the future I believe it is important to integrate these new tools consistently so that I can allow them to become efficient. I feel their success rate certain areas of learning will increase as they become more confident. It will be my challenge to find ways to incorporate these tools within my curriculum in a way that students are continuously benefiting from my class.

The future benefits will be endless for our students. Once they gain the confidence of trying new things and finding the success from them, I hope they will continue. It is very similar to us as teachers receiving a smart board. Once we become efficient, the benefits of teaching with it will continue!