Sunday, March 29, 2009

Best lesson with technology

One of the best lessons I have taught using technology would be my introduction to Go North (an ongoing trek north to Nunavut). I was able to integrate online maps as well as link videos that would grab the students' interest in this ongoing unit.

Having access to the Go North website from the front of the room as well as the maps and videos that were related, the kids were able to hold a discussion and pose questions throughout the lesson that could be answered and investigated on the spot. I felt that their interest increased because of this opportunity.

Something I would change with this lesson is to group my slides in Notebook so that I could come back to some of the slides that the kids worked on/wrote on later in the unit. This would be very helpful to continue the kids' learning process as we follow the journey through Nunavut.

One thing that I would like to integrate into my lessons is adding small video clips that I have found relating to topics. I really liked the opportunity to stop and start the video for teachable moments as well as write on the picture and save them. This is a great way to pull information from a clip and bring it back later on in the lesson or the unit.

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